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The Southern Academy of Legal Studies in Business is proud to announce the addition of our second peer-reviewed journal, the Southern Journal of Business and Ethics, which focuses on a blend of legal and ethical issues for business, and pedagogy for the business professor.  The Editor of the SJBE is the Hon. Marty Ludlum, professor at University of Central Oklahoma.

Priority is given to manuscripts making significant contributions to the development of knowledge on topics in business law, business ethics, and pedagogy for the business instructor. The journal is applicable to a broad audience, including policy-makers, researchers, teachers, and practitioners. If you would be interested in serving as a reviewer for this publication, please contact the editor. The
Southern Journal of Business and Ethics is a publication of the Southern Academy of Legal Studies in Business (

In keeping with our mission, submitted manuscripts should be well supported by the literature. Submitted manuscripts should not exceed 25 double-spaced pages, including references. Tables and figures should be kept to a minimum. Manuscripts are submitted electronically with specific guidelines for accepted papers. No proposed manuscript will be accepted by mail. Manuscripts go through a peer-blind review process that takes approximately 8-10 weeks. All manuscripts must be original submissions that have not been published elsewhere. Manuscripts that are under consideration by another source are permitted, provided that the editors are notified at the time of submission.

Marty Ludlum, Editor in Chief
Southern Journal of Business and Ethics
University of Central Oklahoma
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VOLUME X (2018)
*Lila Carden & Raphael Boyd, Americans with Disabilities: A Plan to Reduce Claims . . . 10 
*Don J. Daniels & David Ritter,
Identifying the Elusive Cost Management Tools to Allow Healthcare Reform. . . 18
*Charles Bultena, Charles Ramser, & Kristopher Tilker, Mediation Madness IV: Truth, Lies, and Mediation . . . 29
*Jeffrey Pittman, Privacy in the Age of Doxxing . . . 53
*Marty Ludlum, Jennifer Barger Johnson, & Darrell Ford, Oklahoma’s State Question 788 on Medical Marijuana: High on Expectations, Hazy on Details. . . 60
*Sherrie L. Drye, Ewuukgem Lomo-David, & Lisa Gueldenzoph Snyder, Normal Deviance: An Analysis of University Policies and Student Perceptions of Academic Dishonesty . . . 71
*Katherine J. Lopez & Suzanne M. Perry, The Importance of Virtue Ethics and the Role of Salience in the Accounting Profession . . . 86
*Judith Stilz Ogden, When do Negotiation Tactics Become Unethical? Honesty in Reframing . . . 98
*Evan Peterson, Enhancing Legal Decision-Making in Organizational Crisis Management…. 115
*Nicholas C. Misenti, Should an Agent be Liable for Ordinary Negligence when Liability is Transferred to the Principal? . . . . 131
VOLUME IX (2017) Charles Bultena, Charles Ramser, and Kristopher Tilker, Mediation Madness III: Managing Microwave Mediation. . . 11 / Evan Peterson, Techniques for Integrating Legal Considerations with Business Processes. . . 34 / Daniel V. Davidson and Michael D. Chatham, Trade Dress: Rising from the Ashes. . . 57 / Casey Rockwell, Sheri Carder, and Drew Glover, Nix the “Sue Someone Today” Mentality: Teaching Mediation to Online Business Law Students. . . 68 / Marty Ludlum and Darrell Ford, Start Spreading the News: New York has Gone to Pot . . . 89 / Brad Reid, Legal Life after Death: Publicity, Physical, and Digital Assets. . . 109 / Raphael O. Boyd, Lila L. Carden, and M. Alix Valenti, Religion and the Workplace: Examining a Model to Mitigate Discrimination. . . 123 / Suzanne N. Cory and Marisela R. Trevino, An Exploratory Study: Moral Disengagement Levels in Accounting Majors. . . 134 / Jonathan R. Everhart and Eva Anassi, It’s All About the Benjamins: How Student-Athletes can Generate Income through Self-Employment. . . 145 / Raymond H.C. Teske III, Nonprofit Formation in Texas: Organization…. 153 / Marilyn Young and John James Carter III, Exploring Success Factors for Women in Family Firms. . . 167 / Ahmed Y. Mahfouz, Kishwar Joonas, Dalain Williams, Ruizin Jia, and Margarita Arevale, A Classic American Department Store’s Resurgence to Glory: Using Social Media and Online Advertising Strategies to Raise Revenue. . . 180 / Joshua King, Balasundram Maniam, and Hadley Leavell, Shattered Glass and Creaky Steps: Remodeling the Glass Ceiling and Glass Escalator Theories Using an Intersectional Toolbox. . . 193 / Christopher J. McKenna and Sharon L. Joffe, Driving Out “Surface Errors” Through Mandated Rewrites: A Case Study . . . 205 / Danica Schieber and Karen Sherrill, The Hidden Cost of Words: The Language of Earnings Presentations and the Differences in Word Usage Based on Stock Returns. . . 215

VOLUME VIII (2016). Nicholas C. Misenti. . . 11: Personal Liability for Commission of a Tort: A Significant, and Often Overlooked, Exception to Limited Liability in the LLC and Corporation, Charlie Penrod, Kimberly McCorkle, and Susan Harrell. . . 39: Doing While Learning: How Business Programs Can Integrate Beneficial Experiential Learning Opportunities for Pre-Law Business Students, Thomas M. Krueger and Mark A. Wrolstad. . . 68: Looking Beyond the Pale: Evidence that Investors Look Beyond Concurrent Annualized Returns in Assigning Corporate Reputations, Evan A. Peterson & Dhruv S. Patel. . . 92: Benefit Corporations: Fostering Socially Conscious Corporate Leadership, Rafik Elias . . . 109: The Relationship between the Protestant Work Ethic, Empathy and Business Students’ Distrust of Corporations, Brad Reid . . . 123: Employment Contract or Mere Words? – The Traps Workers Face, Kana Ng and David E. Ritter . . . 137: Medicaid Expansion and Activity Based Costing as a Means of Measuring Efficiency and Improvement in Healthcare, Laura Sullivan, Dirrell S. Jones and Diana Brown. . . 149: Attorney Misconduct and the Role of the Grievance Process in Civil Proceedings Arising from the Same Facts, Jonathan R. Everhart. . . 160: Back to Business: A Practical Guide on How to Reinstate Involuntarily Terminated & Forfeited Business Entities in Texas, Michael S. Cedillo, Laura Sullivan and Diana Brown. . . 170: Avoiding Imputed Disqualification, Charles Bultena, Charles Ramser, & Kris Tilker . . . 181: Mediation Madness II: Dealing with Destructive Emotions, Justin Blount, Carol S. Wright, Ashley A. Hall, and Judith L. Biss . . . 202: Social Media: Creating Student Awareness of its Use in the Hiring Process, Laura Sullivan, William Hogg and Diana Brown . . . 219: Statistical Extrapolation in Complex Litigation: Science or Guesswork?, Bret N. Bogenschneider . . . 237: The Professional Ethics of U.S. Tax Treaty Interpretation.
VOLUME VII (2015).  David W. Read & William A. Bailey, A Primer on Teaching the Law of Wills, Probate, and Basic Estate Planning Documents to Business Law Students. . . 11, Melissa Knott & Joseph Gerard, Fighting Topic Irrelevance in Ethics and CSR Education . . . 36, Charles Bultena, Charles Ramser, & Kris Tilker, Mediation Madness: Dealing with Bullies in Mediation . . . 50, Henry Lowenstein, Advancing Legal Astuteness Skills Through Inductive Learning . . . 71,  Marty Ludlum & Jennifer Barger Johnson, Ethics and Law School Marketing Practices . . . 89, Suzanne N. Cory, Thomas E. Reeves, & G. Martinez, Moral Disengagement and Locus of Control in Business School Freshmen: Gender Differences . . . 106, Katherine Lopez, Virtual Currency – Property or Foreign Currency? An Exploration of the Tax and Ethical Implications. . . 119,  John Keifer & Mary Carter Keifer, Making Connections Between Moral-Ethical Beliefs and Human Physiology: A New Approach Toy Classroom Instruction . . . 130,  Lila Carden, Raphael Boyd, & Alix Valenti, Risk Management and Corporate Governance: Safety and Health Work Model. . . 137, Jeff Pittman, Facebook, Speech, and the National Labor Relations Act . . . 150,  Stephen Poe, Insurance Regulations and Unclaimed Property: A Dilemma for Life Insurers . . . 160.
VOLUME VI (2014)  Charles Bultena, Charles Ramser, & Kristopher Tilker, Fighting Futility V: Use and Misuse of Influence in Mediation . . .11, Hillary Goldberg & Nanci Carr, When Does Compensation for “Time Spent Under The Employer’s Control” Include Pre and Post Shift Waiting and Other Activities?. . . 33, Kyle Post, Marsha Bayless, & J. Keaton Grubbs, Digital Assets: Law and Technology Collide – A Dilemma Needing a Solution. . . 47, Lila Carden & Raphael Boyd, Age Discrimination and the Workplace: Examining a Model for Prevention . . . 58,  Susan O’Sullivan-Gavin & John Shannon, Making the Leap: Using Information Technology to Develop and Enhance Student Learning in Legal Studies Courses. . . 69,  Lee Usnick, Russell Usnick, Samuel Usnick, & William Usnick, Compliance Scoping: Systems Thinking and Regulatory Complexity . . . 93, John Keifer & Mary Carter Keifer, Identifying the Contextual Issues that can lead to Ethical Problems. . . 104, Juanita Weir & David Ritter, Investing by Utilizing a Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account . . . 119,  Katherine J. Lopez, Julie Persellin, & Linda Specht, Can the UN Global Compact fill the Gap in International Corporate Law? . . . 130,  E. Susanna Cahn, Measures of Corporate Social Performance and Ethical Business Decisions: A Review and Critique . . 142, Robert Robinson, Dave Nichols, Stuart Schafer & Aleta Crawford, The Bursting Education Bubble: An Unwelcomed Message of the Coming Brave New World of Academe. . . 153
VOLUME V (2013) Workplace Bullying: Utilizing a Risk Management Framework To Address Bullying in the Workplace, Lila Carden & Raphael Boyd . . . 8    Fighting Futility IV: Dealing with Defensiveness in Mediation, Charles Bultena, Charles Ramser, and Kristopher Tilker . . . 19   Corruption of Ethics: Domestic Bribery of Public Officials: Honest Services Fraud, Orrin K. (Skip) Ames III . . . 40   Ethics in the Business Curriculum: Does Delivery need to be Revisited?, Alex Sharland, Anne Fiedler, & Mohan Menon . . . 55    Justifying the Teaching of the Story of the Good Samaritan Parable,  John Keifer & Mary Keifer . . . 71    Employee Access "Without Authorization" under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: A Case Study, Michelle Evans . . . 83   Global Enforcement of Pharmaceutical Patents: An Ethical Dilemma, Paul Lansing & Neil Vohra . . . 97    The Tax Man Cometh - Will He Be Fair? A Comparative Ethical Analysis of Proposed Tax Reforms, Katherine Lopez & Linda Specht . . . 108   Good and Evil in Contemporary Business Practice, M. Gregory Oakes & Marilyn Smith . . . 123  Arbitration: Trending in the Business and Legal World, But is it Trending in your Business School?  Amy Smith . . . 136   Analysis of Organization Ethics: Do They Exist? How Can We Think About Them?  Evan Slavitt . . . 154    Balancing the Rights of Children, Parents and the State: The Legal, Ethical and Psychological Implications of Genetic Testing of Children,  Susan Denbo . . . 188   The Importance of Self-Efficacy in Ethical Education for Business Undergraduates, James Welch . . . 214      Notes for Authors . . . 225
VOLUME IV (2012)   
Save the Firehouse: The David and Goliath Battle Over Rights to the Use of a Common Name: Firehouse Restaurant v. Scurmont LLC,
Henry Lowenstein & Andy E. Hendrick . . . 7 
 Fighting Futility III: Dealing with Difficult People in Mediation, Charles Bultena, Charles Ramser, and Kristopher Tilker . . . 26   Dancing with GINA: What Should Employers Know About The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008, Margaret Langford . . . 47   Corporate Citizenship: An Integrated Operational Approach, Lila Carden & Raphael Boyd . . . 57    Innovation in Legal Studies Education: An Integrated Case Study Approach, Alix Valenti & James Benson . . . 68    Who Are You? Identifying Online Students for Assessment Purposes, David Ritter, John Shampton, & Lawrence Larson . . . 81    Workplace Bullying: It’s Not Just Lunch Money Anymore, Dan Davidson & K. Venard Harrington . . . 93    Assessment of Learning Outcomes Based on a Comparison of Active Learning and Traditional Lecture Pedagogical Styles in a Legal Environment Classroom, LeVon E. Wilson . . . 101    Can You Put a Price on Corruption? The Future of Honest Services Fraud, Lara L. Kessler, Ryan J. Hunt, & William Mawer . . . 112    A Holistic Approach to Legal Environment of Business Course Assignment Design, Lee Usnick & Russell Usnick . . . 123    The United States: Land of Opportunity or Land of Deception?
Nichole Griffin & LeVon E. Wilson . . . 138
Managing Federal Estate Tax Liability with Texas Family Limited Partnerships, David Ritter and John F. Shampton . . . 7    Severance v. Patterson: Does Enforcement of the Texas Open Beaches Act Constitute a “Taking”, Alix Valenti . . . 19     Where Have All the Lawsuits Gone? The Curious Case of Section 109 of the Other Civil Rights Act,   Margaret Langford . . . 33    Fighting Futility II: More Tools for Mediation Success,  Charles Bultena, Charles Ramser, and Kristopher Tilker . . . 42     Implications of the Melendez-Diaz Supreme Court Decision,  Daphyne Saunders Thomas, David L. Parker, and Terry S. Kelly . . . 57     Glass Ceiling and Maternity Leave as Important Contributors to the Gender Wage Gap, Maria Florencia Cabeza, Jennifer Barger Johnson, and Lee J. Tyner . . . 73     I’m in the Band, Now What Do I do? An Analysis and Application of Business Law Principles to the Formation and Operation of a Band, Raymond H.C. Teske III, Rodolpho Sandoval, and Larry A. Bruner . . . 87     Libel Tourism and International Forum Shopping: The United States says “No Sale” (The Speech Act of 2010), Mary Rau-Foster and Brad Reid . . . 107     New Process Steel, LP v. NLRB: Quorum Issues and their Impact on Federal Labor Code Enforcement, Robert K. Robinson, Dave L. Nichols, Sam Cousley, and Frank B. Markham . . . 119     Towards a Better Understanding of the Surge of Interest in Business Ethics Instruction, John L. Keifer and Mary Carter Keifer . . . 127     Ethical Behavior of Graduate Business Students: An Examination of the Effect of Age, Gender, GPA, and Work Experience, Sanjay Gupta, Edward D. Walker II, and Nancy J. Swanson . . . 137     Bankruptcy Code Section 727(a)(3): When is a Debtor’s Record Keeping Sufficient to Merit a Bankruptcy Discharge?, William T. Mawer, Andrew F. Emerson, and John Love . . . 153
VOLUME II (2010)
Does Risk Reduction Mitigate the Costs of Going Green? An Empirical Study of Sustainable Investing,  Christina C. Benson, Neeraj J. Gupta, and Ravi S. Mateti . . . 7   As Snug as a Bug in Software: A Contracts Law Case Study, Kurt M. Saunders and Leonard Rymsza . . . 27   Fighting Futility: Tools for Mediation Success,  Charles Bultena, Charles Ramser, and Kristopher Tilker . . . 64    Affirmative Action - Ricci V. DeStephano: Does the Firefighter Case Throw Cold Water on Unintentional (Disperate Impact) Discrimination Claims, Martin L. Griffin, Laura L. Sullivan, and Joey Robertson . . . 75    Metadata in Microsoft Office: An Essential Consideration in a Thorough Audit, David Ritter, John Shampton, Larry Larson . . . 81   Avoiding Lawsuits in Academe: The Customer Service Solution,  Le Von E. Wilson, Keiylene R. Burgess, and Mildred N. Wilson . . . 91    Gross v. FBL Financial Services: A Major Sea Change in Age Discrimination or merely Maintaining the Status Quo,  Robert K. Robinson, Stuart E. Schafer, and Alita L. Crawford . . . 104    Tax Planning and Wealth Accumulation with Personal Residences,  David Ritter and John Shampton . . . 115   The Case of BB&T and Atlas Shrugged: Curriculum for Sale?  J. Marilyn Smith, Clarence Coleman, and Keith J. Benson . . . 123    The Role of Shared Vision and Ethics in Building an Effective Learning Organization, David Paroby and Darin White . . . 133    Workplace Bullying: An Ethical Context Applying Duty and Outcome Based Approaches to Human Resource Functions,  Lila L. Carden and Raphael O. Boyd . . . 144

VOLUME 1 2009
Excluding Exemplary Companies from Exemplary Damages, William T. Burke III and Keith L. Lindsey . . . 9.   From Piggybacking to War-Driving: The Legal Aspects of Unauthorized Wi-Fi Use, Ryan J. Hunt, Jack E. Karns, and William T. Mawer. . . 26.  Does the Age Discrimination in Employment Act Apply to the Employment Activities of the American Indian Tribes? Jennifer Barger Johnson . . . 57   Yahoo Goes to China: Lessons for Multinational Firms, Stephen L. Poe . . . 72    Bad Boys of Business Make for Bad Business Decisions: A Study in Ethics, Tammy K. Robertson and Laura L. Sullivan . . . 87  Utilizing a Student Compliance Exercise to Begin a Legal Environment of Business Course, Lee Usnick and Russell Usnick . . . 102   The Gray Box: An Organizational Decision-Making Tool for Inclusive Ethics and Leadership Considerations in Strategic Business Issues and Analysis, Raymond H.C. Teske III and Cory R.A. Hallam . . . 114  Global Poverty Act – A Teaching Lesson on Distributive Justice, Frank J. Cavaliere, Toni P. Mulvaney, and Marleen R. Swerdlow . . . 126   A Method for Embedding Business Ethics into Traditional Business Analysis, John L. Keifer and Mary Carter Keifer . . . 141   Utilizing a Writing Rubric in the Introductory Legal Environment of Business Course, Lee Usnick and Russell Usnick . . . 152